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Firefox crashes when Flash Player is enabled..

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I am facing this prob for the last few days...It says firefox encountered a prob and needs to close down....After a lot of findings I came to know that it was due to Adobe Flash Player ...when this plug-in is enabled and i visit video sites firefox crashes, but if I disable this plug-in firefox doesnt crash.....Please Help... I dont want to switch to other Browsers..:(

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Firefox kept crashing constantly, IE freeze for a short moment, but I can do it faster and now I am able to see my friends to send them requests and visit their farms. I am referring to Farmville in Facebook. I checked my programs and I had the Adobe Flash Player Plugin 10. When I went to IE, a message came that I had to install Adobe Flash Player which I did, then it appear as Adobe Flash Player ActiveX 10, and still have the other AFP Plugin! After that everything is ok!

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I have the same problem, but It happens with all browser: Firefox 3.6.6, Safari,Chrome,Opera and IE all are latest version.Flash is the latest version. All pages with flash content crashes firefox.At the begin I resolved it: First I remove all flash software: shockwave, downloader and flash plugin, then I removed firefox and after I reinstalled it, finally I installed Flash plugin so it works, but it suddenly crashes Firefox and other browsers...I'm almost crazy!!! I hate flash plugin, We need OGV videos soon as posible!.Well I atachhed a screenshot. Pardon my poor english I speak spanish.

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Hi, my firefox crash always when I open bet365.com I have the flash blocker installed and when I want to start the flash, then firefox crash. I have updated the flash version. Still the firefox crash. Can you help me ?

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In case someone needs additional assurance that it's not their PC... I also have a problem of Flash freezing Firefox

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I have the same problem with firefox 3.6.6, with my mac. I tried everything I could think of. I un-installed the flash en re-installed again, version was already the latest (from adobe) and I updated the os: from os x 10.6.3 to 10.6.4. But no change. Firefox keeps crashing. When I start the firefox safe mode, by disabling the add-ons, it does work, but as soon I enable the flash, it crashes again. Safari however has no problem at all... But I rather keep firefox as my default browser. Who can help me???

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uninstall and reinstall flash didn't fix it.

it was an add-on which crashed my browser for me it was mouse gestures by reddox

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The new Adobe flash is a nasty creature. I cannot, after exhaustive searches on the web, make it work without crashing (not only excellent Firefox, but Safari and Chrome too. (I have not tried Opera).

I'm a MacBook that does everything it is supposed to do - for over a year now - and Adobe Flash updated to crap it seems.

Nothing to do but make Flash obsolete in my mind. There are too good of open sourced platforms to accomplish video and Flash is clearly playing with power here.

Everyone should divest in their company.

What a shameful approach to business.

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I got it working now. I went back and used the Flash uninstaller from the Adobe website to uninstall. Then I reinstalled - making sure I followed all the instructions to the letter.

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Just installed Flash 10.1 and now cnn.com no longer works. Uninstalled flash and the site now works again.

Using firefox 3.6.8 on a Windows 7 machine

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I have the same problem, ended up using flashblock as a workaround.

Flv Player

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I also faced this error many times but i fixed it.The below given guidelines allow you to take measures to find an easy solution to the problem.

- Try to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player Active-X and Plug-in components and then reinstall Shockwave Flash Player

-- Try to use the latest Flash Player

-- Update the drivers that control your PC.

-- Fix your Windows Registry which is a highly recommended thing you should do to find a quick and reliable fix for common PC errors and crashes.

I also got some help from this article to fix 'shockwave flash crashes'

Hope it fix your problem.

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Going to another browser may not help. I normally use Firefox, but tried IE since it is also installed on my computer and it crashed with the new plugins, too. I have done some reading on the Internet and Google Chrome is crashing with the new plugins, as well. It sounds to me like the Adobe plugins have some kind of glitch or failing in them and that they are causing the browsers to crash.

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