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It seems that Java is not fully working in some pages

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Because of a crash, I had to completely uninstall Firefox 3.5.3 and I installed Firefox 3.6.3. After that, some Java features are not working any more. Here I attached an example, where the "plus" buttons do nothing, but when opening the page with IE there is no problem to expand the "plus". I have many extensions installed, I have also tried to disable them (even running Firefox sercure mode), as well as reinstall the last Java version, but nothing yet (Java seems to be correctly installed, since other features work ok, and official Java web page test works ok as well).

URL of affected sites


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Just to confirm you that coming back to 3.5.3 is not working neither, I mean, it is not working neither on 3.5.3 nor 3.6.3 ¿? Someone know what the problem could be?

Thanks a lot!!!

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To avoid confusion: http://kb.mozillazine.org/JavaScript_is_not_Java See JavaScript settings and preferences for interactive web pages and http://kb.mozillazine.org/JavaScript

Those expander buttons aren't working for me either. So it looks that the JavaScript code isn't compatible with Firefox (there is some MS office specific code on that page). Are you sure that it worked before with Firefox?

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Thank you very much for your explanation about Java and Javascript! Very interesting, I didn't know! :-)

Regarding your question... absolutely :-) it did work before. I have another example, but it is from a bank account and it is not public. It also worked before, but not any more. This is the code of the button (I don't know if this helps):


Thank you very much for your help!!