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When do you fix the failure of firefox to be able to copy and paste after it's closed? Worthless browser otherwise.

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It's interesting, the memory leak is because of the cross-platform of firefox, and that appears and excuse by firefox not to find a solution and work around. This also seems to be part and parcel to firefox not quitting, hanging, and closing out of nowhere. But leave it to the geniuses at Mozilla to ruin what was once a great browser, and skirt their responsibility to the people they promote this too. Maybe Mozilla no longer wants the internet to be free, as frustrating users only makes them think it'd be better to buy a product than keep using something the developers of just ignore and never fix, looking for excuses out of their responsibility after promoting it as an alternative to what comes free in windows and other operating systems.

And, to add to this, if I close firefox after copying a URL, and Firefox actually closes instead of sitting in memory, I cannot paste the URL into Word. Imagine that. Bug filled, ridden, and destroyed by the new age of "coders" who are so impressed with themselves they have to destroy the work of previous coders, work that actually did what people wanted and gave them privacy as well, efficient too.

It's okay, you're all professionals, incompetent, but someone gave you a sheepskin or whatever and you're sure you're a professional now.

Think it's time to work on firefox 4.0 and actually make a brand new everything that works from the ground up. I am sure it'll be ready by the next iteration of Windows after 7.

Otherwise, fix this product, make a workaround or plugin to the cross platform structure your using, but fix it nonetheless. I loved firefox, but whever joined the team at 3.0 and has led the development of 3.5.X and after, has only ruined a great thing with their own personal ideas and likely ego of certainties that have proven unstable, and destructive to Mozilla's purpose of keeping the internet free.

Note: This has been happening since 3.5.X, and the versions I have used later than the one I have only have more problems, never fixing the memory leak, and just leave me disgusted, to think how poorly coders have become, dirty and willing to put out an inferior product so easily. They seem to have no personal pride or any conviction to do right by themselves or those they claim to be creating a product for, more involved in politics and "that's the way it is" trouble shooting in nullity than actually earning their pay. Maybe it's that cancer of doing just enough not to get fired that they've got. Sure seems like it.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== Since 3.5

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