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Your fairly new pop up that ask us to allow--should be taken down! If I did not want to see that site I would not click on the links or input in the address. Please remove this feature.

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I think you should remove the "Allow" pop up that shows up every time I visit a website even ones that I have already been to. Please LISTEN:....If I did not want to allow the current website to open I would NOT have click on the links or entered the info into the address bar. Please remove the "allow" feature from your services. Other than that Firefox is great.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== Firefox installed the "Allow" pop up

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Can you please elaborate what kind of "allow popup" you are talking about? Did you install a new add-on recently? If you provide a screenshot of the popup, we can probably help you better.

Right now, it does not sound to me like what you are describing is a feature in Firefox itself, but rather a problem with third-party component.