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Screenshot Tool: Suggested Improvements

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The screenshot/snipping tool was a great addition to Firefox and I use it regularly. However I'm writing a tutorial on Google Maps at the moment and it would be nice if I had the option to select the same region of screen each time as I invoke some of Google Map's tools. So ideally I could lock the selection rectangle position and also its dimensions as I snapshot each page to show the steps involved in using Map's tool. Preset aspect ratios for the selection rectangle would be useful also. Maybe it's possible to do all this already?

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A workaround would be to find a grid add-on, then could just align my selection rectangle with that.


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That is an interesting idea. Currently, the Screenshot tool seems to have no memory at all.

I used the Page Inspector tool, which lets you switch between the page layer and the add-on layer*, to look at how the rectangular selection area is positioned (see first and second screenshots). (This might require enabling chrome and add-on debugging in the Dev Tools settings.)

* The Screenshot tool was developed as an add-on, and uses a variation on that interface.

The rectangle has the top and left position relative to the page content, not the screen/window/viewport. That probably would be okay for your needs. But if the extension were to save that, there would need to be some new UI to choose that position. Hmm...

Mozilla opened a new Ideas site (Help menu > Submit feedback) over here for feature suggestions:


(That site doesn't use your Firefox Account login, unfortunately.)

(If it were simply a broken feature, then it would make more sense to file a bug on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ but I think this is a bigger project.)


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Ok, thanks, I'll post the suggestion there. There are third part snipping add-ons, I might explore those.


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