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Active discrimination against visually challenged users

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Up till recently it was possible to have the FF scrollbar width controlled by either a GTK theme, or by various extensions that existed. Recently this is no longer possible on both Firefox and Thunderbird and we are forced to accept a pencil thin scrollbar that someone has decided is 'the thing'.

As someone who suffers from visual impairment I have found this move to be a major pain as it is now almost impossible to get 100% scrolling accuracy as I have been accustomed to since forever. I don't need super large fonts or monochrome this and that, just simply what works when one cannot see properly any more.

I can only assume that you feel that anyone who is not perfectly sighted is beneath your concern and have decided to exclude us from use of your products. This is a shame and I do suggest that you could do yourselves some good by stepping back from this highly exclusive attitude.

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Note for admin: This link is no longer active; http://www.accessfirefox.org/Firefox_Accessibility_Extensions.php

But still listed when using web search.


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You can alter the width of the scrollbar now. In a new tab, enter about:config, accept the risk and find these preferences. There are others grouped with them which you may wish to alter. widget.non-native-theme.gtk.scrollbar.thumb-size widget.non-native-theme.scrollbar.size

EDIT: I just noticed you are using an old version of Firefox. These changes were made recently, possibly with FF89.

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Thank you - with that information I have been able to restore at least a scrollbar that I can actually get see to get hold of in both FF and Tbird.

The only other issue I have is the message box line spacing in Tbird. This used to be configurable with userChrome.css using various settings to just gap out the lines a bit so it is possible to identify each one easily.

Sadly from Tbird 91 this has also gone - I tried following the clue of looking in the about:config for Tbird but alas have not found anything that seems to work. There are a couple of extensions that purport to work with Tbird 91 but do not.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.


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