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How can I send feed back on the newest update?

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I was looking for a way to reset Firefox to bring back the previous print preview. In several places the person offering an answer suggests sending feedback to Mozilla re the changes, but... no link or place to send feedback.

My desktop and laptop have only just been updated to the latest version with very bright white backgrounds, really large firefox icon on home page, less definition between tabs, a lighter weight font on menus, strange layout on the hamburger menu, and a reset to a google-like print window.

I tried on my desktop to change the bright white background using the colors option. Once I found the settings to tone down the brightness to a very pale grey for the home page and results page, every page I went to had changed fonts and lost colors.

Print preview was an awesome tool, many web pages are set up in such a way that when it is printed the fonts are huge, and the web page header prints over the text of the printout. On the worst panels of links to other stories and ads also print. Your preview allowed me to zoom in/out easily and the simplified version was brilliant.

The tabs are grey on grey with no definite edge, and they just keep shrinking showing less and less of the tab name, instead of hiding extra tabs of the edges. I have 10-20 tabs open on a regular basis often in 2 separate windows and would much rather have a tab label that IDs the page than having to click on each page.

Font - the menu font is now a small fine sans serif that is difficult to read.

Hamburger menu - Why is new tab, find in page, save page as, and print here? In particular why are they at the top of the menu? Please move the new tab panel and print panel to the bottom, the Bookmarks panel to the top and put the Settings panel immediately below it. It would also help if you added a cog icon to the settings panel.

Please add a feedback link without sign-on to your page.

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Does this help? Firefox previous print interface window: For now you can revert to the previous interface by setting a pref to false on the about:config page. print.tab_modal.enabled = false


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