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Firefox bookmarks sync issue between laptop and desktop

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I have two desktops that we use on a daily basis, both have Firefox sync turned on to sync bookmarks, addresses, add-ons and settings. I also have a laptop that I use sporadically, maybe once every two-three weeks, or longer. It also has the same sync settings. Here is the issue I'm having with sync. When either desktop has new bookmarks added/removed they always sync perfectly to each other (desktops). But, if I turn my laptop on after a couple of weeks of being off, then it always syncs the 'old' bookmarks (up) and then the desktops get synced (down) with old bookmarks. How can I prevent this from happening and does anyone know why, in this scenario, it is happening? I've checked various places in settings and cannot find anything obvious to fix this. All devices, laptops & desktops, are very regularly updated with the most current firefox version, except on occasion if the laptop has been off for a couple of weeks or more, but once it's turned on, it updates.

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1st disconnect lap top from internet, then in Firefox, open the Sync options window- Click Manage Account- select Reset Sync. A window displaying Sync options will open-

Select the action you want to take: 

(because the lap top is problematic, I recommend "Replace all data on this computer" )

Merge this computer's data with my Sync data. or; Replace all data on this computer with my Sync data. or; Replace all other devices with this computer's data.

Click Next. A

confirmation window appears,To re-sync your device and Sync data according to your selected setting, click Next......

I hope this helps


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