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Casting from Firefox Browser to Chromecast in Windows 10

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I have read some of the answers on here and done so searching coming up with MagicCast and Fx-Cast and have had no luck with being able to cast from my PC using Firefox Browser to my Chromecast. Is there any new news out there and people have found that they can cast based on using a PC with Windows 10? Thanks!!!!

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I did managed to cast.

follow the instructions, Ive added some pictures

from: Firefox (95.0.2 64 bit) on Windows 10 (21H1 Build 19043.1415)

to: chromecast audio

I installed fx_cast add-on from: https://hensm.github.io/fx_cast/ I also installed: fx_cast_bridge-0.1.0-x64.exe

a link taken from fx_cast site: https://github.com/hensm/fx_cast/releases/download/v0.1.0/fx_cast_bridge-0.1.0-x64.exe

but you should find it also at the site itself

after doing so open Firefox's add-on manager (extensions), On the fx_cast settings (press on settings and scroll down) I've added: https://music.youtube.com to the whitelist

closed and re-opened Firefox after re-opening Firefox and browsing to https://music.youtube.com the CAST symbol appeared just as in Chrome browser.

p.s (not sure it's needed) another thing I did was to add a custom value to Firefox preferences: open a new tab and "browse" to about:config add/change to Value: browser.casting.enabled = true

hope it helps.

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