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How can I add a shortcut to a local html file to top sites?

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I used to have shortcuts to local html files (local software documentation in html format) in new tabs I open. Now with FF94, this is not possible anymore, file:/// urls are not allowed there under any circumstances. I searched extensively for solutions, but the only thing I found was that I can add exceptions to enable certain webpages to open local files. But I don't want to open the local files from any webpage at all but from the start page I get in a new tab (top sites). How can I add such an exception for "top sites"?

Please help, I'm desperate!

See also this long standing bug report: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1496802

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The Firefox Home pages only allow http:// and https:// links, I think that this always has been the case and isn't something recent.

You can possibly use a bookmark on the Bookmarks Toolbar to access local files.


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Well, at least it was possible to add file:/// urls in the speed dials extension (FF56). Now not even extensions will allow me to add these as it seems. Bookmarking works but bookmarks are quite cumbersome. If only I could add sites that I bookmarked to the top sites or at least assign a keyword or a keyboard shortcut to it…


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