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wordpress page won't fully load in firefox (only)

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Hey there,

for a while now we have problems loading our page https://risofort.press/ in firefox: the header will always load, the body of the main page and sub pages will infrequently load, and after having loaded once it will not reload for a long time (like, weeks). all of this works in other browsers. After contacting our host and trying some stuff like deactivating plugins to see if one them is causing it, I am realizing that perhaps it is the way our theme is loaded by firefox - a similiar issue was resolved here: https://support.mozilla.org/de/questions/1320526#answer-1381654

However I can't figure out what part of our website is the one that is keeping the main area to be loaded, or become visible, rather.

Any thoughts on this very welcome, thank you! Will also pass this question on to the theme authors.

Thanks in advance, L.

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For me the images are visible (assuming I allow scripts to execute) but the titles that should appear on the images are not visible because there is opacity: 0 for the overlay bits.

It's probably best to contact your theme publisher for an update. If that isn't possible, I notice that your theme uses Isotope v3.0.3 and the current release is 3.0.6 (https://isotope.metafizzy.co/). Maybe updating that would help if it's easy to identify that file on the server.


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