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Synchronization on other Firefox with "Key Sync"

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Hello to all,

I'm a "beginner" on Mozilla sorry if my question seems stupid, moreover, English is not my mother tongue. Mozilla is my main browser since 12 years.

I had a 2011 mac (personal) on which I had a bunch of bookmarks and passwords saved since 2011. I had Sync enabled back then and have a Firefox Sync key (8 series of 4 numbers/letters). On another Mac (for work), much more recent, I also use Mozilla and I created an account (with my email address, the same one I probably used in 2011) as soon as I installed Mozilla.

I have the impression that in the meantime the way "Sync" works has changed (before with a key, now with a login/password).

My problem is the following : my personal Mac broke (impossible to turn it back on) and I would like to be able to recover my bookmarks by posting them on the new Mac (pro), but... I can't find anywhere where I could enter my Firefox Sync key. I can "log out of my account" or "connect another device" but nothing else. When I log out of my account, I can log back in but only an account with an email (the only thing it asks me is an email).

Would you have an idea how I can get my bookmarks back? I had a hundred of them, very well organized, for professional purposes and I really need them. How can I keep my account (with my email) and add my bookmarks saved on my Key Sync ? (if needed, I can migrate all my actual account (profesional) on Google Chrome and start again on Firefox with my Key Sync but, I can't find how..)

Thank you very much for your help and advice

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You need to be very careful as if something goes wrong you could lose everything.

First, create a backup of the working profile.

Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles {web link} I use a Legacy add-on that makes backups of my user profile, Just In Case. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the current Firefox.

Every now and then, open the profile folder and create a copy of the current profile as is to another location on your hard drive. This way you will have a backup.

If you do this each day, you will not lose much data. This should be done with Firefox Closed.

Note: In case you need to restore from these backups, you may need to overwrite old or corrupted files.

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On the newest computer, open Firefox.

Type about:preferences#sync<enter> in the address bar. Look for Device Name and change it to something unique.

Now log into sync. Type https://accounts.firefox.com/settings<enter> in the address bar.