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Importing Bookmarks to New Mac

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I got a new Mac Pro desktop (not new, but new to me, 2010 model), promptly Downloaded Firefox, signed in, tried to find where to Import all the Bookmarks that I've saved on my MacBook (over the last 6 years, hundreds on bookmarks; including about 30 that I use daily for work) ... COULD NOT FIND THIS AS AN OPTION ANYWHERE!!!! Went to the settings page... Went to Sync Tab... Hit Sync Now... NOW ALL OF MY BOOKMARKS THAT WERE ON MY MacBook have been Deleted & replaced with the only 2 Bookmarks saved on my 'new' MacPro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WENT THE WRONG WAY!!!!!!!! How can I get all my BOOKMARKS back and have them on both computers????? SOOOOOOOO FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOW! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had all my Bookmarks organized neatly into folders on the toolbar. THEY'RE ALL GONE NOW!

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Firefox keeps backups of the bookmarks in the backup in the bookmarkbackups folder in the profile folder, so you can check that on the MacBook where you lost the bookmarks.

On Mac you only have three icons (Organize, Views, Import and Backup) in the Library on the toolbar next to the Back and Forward button and no text to easily identify their meaning. "Import and Backup" is the third button on the toolbar in the Library.


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