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Firefox 92.0 breaks title bar and all windowing decorations (including focus and key input) running under fluxbox on Linux

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Hello all.

I am reaching out since even the fix I had found recently to get v92 functioning again has ceased working.

Since the upgrade to the UI changes in v92, firefox is no longer displaying any of the native windowing toolbar or resizing decorations that are present by default in fluxbox.

I had found a workaround when this new UI came out by manually copying in a userChrome.css and userContent.css files into my firefox profile folder. This restored firefox's old/normal/default behavior of actually displaying the windowmanager titlebar and controls for the application-window so that I could select the window and drag it between my multiple desktops. (the files I sourced were found here: https://github.com/black7375/Firefox-UI-Fix )

Unfortunately though, it appears that even this fix has ceased functioning as I am now stuck with a firefox window that is literally stuck in place where it fires-up. I am no longer able to bring focus to the application, so cannot type into the window. A mouse select only partially selects the application as I am able to navigate mouse-controlled menuing, but am unable to type anything into the application. I am also no longer able to grab the application window and resize it, move it, etc.

This is running on a NOC display with 6 screens, so it is quite critical to be able to grab and move individual windows between multiple screens.

I am a 20+ year user and evangelist for mozilla software and simply need firefox to behave and look like it did before these v92 "fixes" that jacked up the UI.

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I find that if I start firefox in safe-mode, it actually behaves the way I need & expect (displaying the system window decorations).

After roughly 20 more attempts at stopping firefox, copying the mentioned CSS files into my application profile folder, starting firefox...seeing no change...toggling "title bar" on/off, toggling "menu bar" on/off, rebooting the system, etc....the application is FINALLY again launching and respecting the windowmanager's decorations.

Is this something that can PLEASE be fixed to not be so intrusive?


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