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Can I have different browser settings for online and offline web pages?

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I want to have a different browser settings for both browsing the web and controlling my media player.

I currently do this by using a different browser, firefox for web and opera for a local web based music player.

Ideally I would like a browser instance that only has only Close and Minimise buttons and retains size and position. I cannot seem to do this with any browser, they all want to give me tabs, menus, shortcuts, in short, to much clutter. I have managed to create a chromeless window but then that becomes the default for all browing windows.

I would like to achieve this with just Firefox.

My last try was this, with Chrome because Firefox wouldnt play at all.

--app="data:text/html,<script>window.location='http://moode.local/#notarget';window.resizeTo(750,600);window.moveBy(246, 50);</script>"

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The only way would be to have two or more different profiles. Each with its own settings. You can use shortcuts on your desktop to call these profiles.


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You can possibly run code in the Browser Console to toggle the navigator toolbox of the currently selected browser window off/on.

/*toggle navigator-toolbox*/
(function(){ /*toggle navigator-toolbox*/
var doc = Services.wm.getMostRecentWindow("navigator:browser").window.document;
var nt = doc.getElementById("navigator-toolbox");
var isCollapsed = nt.getAttribute("collapsed") == "true";
if (isCollapsed){nt.removeAttribute("collapsed");}
else {nt.setAttribute("collapsed", "true");}


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