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WIN10 Update destroyed my PC. Again

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Installed all your cool plugins. In past, avoided FB like the plague, per massive data sales/breeches. Facebook Container is great: created FB, Twitter, Etc. I'm an artist: Bing, Instagram are wonderful tools. Have a stalker; 5 aliases are invaluable. Now that FB can't sell my data, just started account; looking for friends going back to grade school. Wonderful selection of groups & interests. After WIN10 update this AM, can't access ANY site, including FF. MS telephone tech support directs me to their site. Can't get the Geek squad b/c can't access BB. onsite visits scheduled weeks away. Doc told me to have emergecy brain surgery a WEEK ago. Desperately putting affairs in order. Even best case scenerio means weeks in hospital & recovery. Phone's messed up for weeks. VM goes offline; phone rings but now way to answer it. Did a hard reboot I10 min.) to update phone's software FIVE TIMES. Downloaded cool movies & streaming video to Android Can't use. PLEASE help. BF & I will take 911 ASAP. He'll buy me an I-phone (have a Jitterbug Smart2; based on Google. So if I don't die; wil have long recovery & lots to do. I love & cherish Mozilla. Pray for me.

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