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Firefox does not save new password for Google account

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I have two Google Accounts, a private one, and a company account. The company requires to change the PW from time to time. Immediately after doing that, Firefox offers to update the saved login and I choose to update. To my dismay, I find out later, that the new PW was not saved, and I cannot login any more.

Happened three times now, and the third time I paid extra attention and updated in Lockwise manually after Firefox failed again. This is a nasty bug. Now I cannot trust Firefox to save my passwords?

Seems related: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1272808

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When it offers to update the saved login, does it give you an option to show the password? It is possible that it is filling in the password for the site but not for any particular username. So there might be a bunch of passwords saved at various dates for that website when you visit about:logins.