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Firefox crashes when quitting after clearing history, clearing and managing data

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This issue started on August 19, 2021 with a profile I have been using for about 3 years. It persisted so I copied data and the chrome folder to a profile folder I created in October, 2020 but had not used. That was on August 22, 2021. It happened again with the 'new' profile. I quit several times earlier in the day (without clearing history, clearing and managing data) without issue. Sometimes the lock file is NOT deleted when Firefox quits. These are the reports from August 22, 2021: bp-4788a5d4-5989-492e-a8af-fc34b0210822 22/8/21, 21:20 bp-8aadf9d6-51b7-4da1-b28e-439b20210822 22/8/21, 21:18 bp-132d4134-609a-4a45-ac7e-9b3350210822 22/8/21, 21:15 bp-ac52e700-c3d0-48e2-ab32-233b80210822 22/8/21, 21:11 As directed by the support article, I clicked on 'View' for the latest report. After the mozstats page finished loading, I closed it.

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The issue is not resolved. I had changed the "Time range" in Clear Recent History from 'Everything' to 'Today'. Hoping to remove the lock file on quitting, I changed it back to 'Everything'. Again, the dialogue failed to close when I pressed OK and, after I quit, the crash reporter appeared. The lock file was deleted.

I chose to restart then used "Clear Data" and quit again. Again the crash reporter appeared.

These are the crash reports. I have opened the later one so there is a mozstats page. bp-da1a1952-5b56-42ca-ba3a-d9fd40210829 29/8/21, 20:42 bp-dc20d8e1-e6f0-4599-8337-00c000210829 29/8/21, 20:40

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I don't think that there is anything to worry about the lock file unless it causes issues and prevent Firefox from starting. I assume that the OS will remove the file when you shutdown the computer (you can check that on the next boot).

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The lock file does prevent restarting. The OS doesn't usually remove lock files. I have a script now to delete it and have done so after 5, 12, 10 and 16 minutes. The change to Clear Recent History has resulted in the browser crashing after quitting.

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Firefox now crashes after quitting with Clear Recent History set to 'Today' and again when restarted without Clear Recent History, only Clear Data.

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