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How to change the font for just SOME bookmark list entries?

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I use the internal FF bookmarks manager, as sidebar (per menu "View - Sidebar - Bookmarks"). There (in this bookmarks sidebar) I need to format just SOME bookmark entries in a way so they stand visually out, for easier navigation.

Ideally, I would want to BOLD those entries, by changing the font from the default one (which would continue to be valid for all the other and any new bookmark) to a naturally bold one, since I understand that FF does not allow to "bold" (or otherwise specifically format) the existing font, just for some bookmark list entries.

This "formatting", in fact assignation of a different font than the "regular" one, should be persistent between sessions, so it should be stored, together with the other data of the bookmark, within the FF bookmarks database.


If the above is not possible, would it possible to insert some special characters, from another font than the "regular" one, into the text of the bookmark entry, so as to "stand out" that entry by this means?

How could I do 1) or 2), from the point where, by rightclick, I would open the dialogue "Edit Bookmark"?

(Using the current FF for Windows version (90 currently).)

Thank you very much for any help with this; I'm sure many FF users would be interested in a solution to this problem, all the more so since the newest FF developments have replaced the bookmarks folder symbol with something which is really drowned between the various icons of the bookmarked pages.

I don't have looked into add-on bookmark managers because, for so-called "security" reasons, FF does not allow developers to write them in a way that they would replace the in-built bookmark manager, the add-on bookmark manager just replacing the in-built one, WITHIN the FF parent window. In other words, add-on bookmark managers would necessary all be within their own, floating window, which makes switching between the browser and your other, main, application a nightmare. Over the last years, FF has lost most of its users, but before saying good-bye on my turn, I really would like to have resolved the above problem, which in fact is my only problem with FF, but a constant and most awful one.

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more options

Bookmarks as shown in the sidebar are treechildren and that makes it impossible to style individual items. Styling treechildren members is all or nothing. Only in some menus and on the bookmarks toolbar when a bookmark is a ".bookmark-item" you can select an individual item.

Selector for a bookmark on the Bookmarks Toolbar:

  • #personal-bookmarks .bookmark-item[label="LABEL"]:not([container]) {...}


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