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Search bar doesn't work after sync

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1. Search bar doesn't work for search. If i type anything, i.e. "firefox", it opens firefox.com 2. Settings > Search reveals that I have no search engines, and nothing is selected as a default search engine. 3. "Restore default search engines" does nothing 4. Removing all files related to word "search" in root directory does nothing, still has no search engines after restart. 5. Switching to new profile does work, default search engines appear and search bar is working fine. 6. As soon as I sign in my account and sync starts, profile loses all search engines and search bar stops working.

I believe my firefox sync account is syncing 0 search engines to my browser, and I can't add new search engines. I have Manjaro Linux and a Windows machine, both with firefox but using different versions. Both browsers lost all search engines after sync.

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The troubleshooting information data you supplied shows that all default search engines still are enabled and thus should work. I'm not aware that the search engines are synced, so I'm not sure why you would lose all the search engine when you connect to Sync. There are no relevant search prefs (sync*search) synced.

Try the Firefox version from the official Mozilla server if you currently use a version from the repositories of your Linux distribution.


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Sorry, I guess I added wrong data. I was able to find a workaround by removing "Settings" synchronization on new profile before the sync took place. I guess it is fine and usable for me, but I can share any data if you are interested in investigating possible sync bug

Also, I believe firefox version and platform doesn't matter as I experienced the same issue on Windows machine, after settings sync took place


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