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top level domen at address bar dropdown (frequently used sites)

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Hello community,

Not really big issue but it make me crazy sometimes...

I use few sites from RU (yandex.ru) top level domain and some of them have a domains in other locations (for example COM, LT). With latest updates FF switching RU top level domain to local one (LT) in the address bar dropdown.

There was an update around 5 months ago which make this change. And Later (maybe month ago) it was returned to normal behavior (domain was the one I using frequently). Now with latest update it happens again :(

I have 2 PCs, I updated FF at one of them and I get this behavior back. The other one have outdated version and there is no domain swap (version 89.0.2, Windows at both PCs)

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You could try to manage your bookmarks/history and search for '.ru', select all and delete. Then go to yandex.ru and at the bottom of the address bar dropdown click the little plus to add it as a search engine.


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Hey JP, thanks for answer!

It helped a little :-) After removing "yandex.lt" from history it shows me "yandex.com". I don't think that I need to remove "yandex.ru" from history since I willing to see it on address dropdown (kinda frequently used sites).

Also I don't think it's history/bookmarks issue since behavior was changed with update (first time it became to change domain, then after few months it turned back and about a month ago it happens again. And I don't remember some modifications on history/bookmarks).

Thanks anyway!


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You can add a keyword to a bookmarked page on this domain for easy access.


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@cor-el, thanks for answer!

Yes, I can access this site by simple steps. The thing is that I used to do it with just pointing to address bar and choose some sites that I use frequently. As I said it's not a big issue, for sure. Just thought maybe there is some trick in Firefox (because it happens exactly after update).


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