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The new Firefox is very disappointing and a big let down. I have been a dedicated Firefox user but these recent updates have made Firefox extremely slow and some of the useful functionalities are no longer there... Furthermore, with the previous versions, I would create my own short cuts by pinning them somewhere on the browser by either dragging the website address, or their logo and then by right-clicking the pinned tab, I would just type in a brief name to know what site it belonged to. Now, I can do it, but only to well-known sites such as Amazon, Facebook, Ebay and so on. I cannot do it with my own-interest websites. My own-preferred websites do occupy a space above the browser, but I cannot add a name to them. The little transparent square is just empty and I am unable to give it a name.

And, what is worse, when I open the new Firefox, all those pinned sites are being opened in the background and all the same time, and thus it is taking ages for me to get to my Home page. So far, with every update, I have lost certain functionalities which I had before.

I am sad to say, I might be tempted to start using Microsoft Edge on which I am still able to use these functionalities and at three times the speed compared to the new Firefox.

You have also done something lethal when uninstalling and reinstalling a Firefox browser. I have LOST all my bookmarks. In the past, the bookmarks would sit somewhere on the computer to be re-inserted with the new installation of Firefox. This is lethal and I am furious about it. I know, I know, I can export and re-import my Bookmarks, but it is not the same, I tell you.

You've done something with these updates which are not fit for purpose, I'm sorry to say.

I would like to at least be able to return to my own pinned short cuts at the top of the browser to make me use Firefox rather than going to the Bookmarks for my frequently sites.

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I would use Edge in your situation.


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Hi Vatche, sorry to hear about your difficulties.

(1) Firefox slow

Please check this article for suggestions: Quick fixes if your Firefox slows down

(2) Shortcuts

Pinned tabs re-open every session. More info on pinned tabs: Pinned Tabs - keep favorite websites open and just a click away.

Would you prefer to save bookmarks? Make sure the Bookmarks Toolbar is displayed. See: Bookmarks Toolbar - Display your favorite websites at the top of the Firefox window.

If you cannot drop tabs or the lock icon from the address bar onto the Bookmarks Toolbar, it's possible that the "Bookmarks Toolbar Items" control is missing from the bar. You can check that in the Customize panel. Here's a link to the support article on Customize and a screenshot of what I mean by "Bookmarks Toolbar Items":

Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars

(3) Lost Bookmarks

You're right, usually uninstalling Firefox doesn't delete your data. Did you get any messages about deleting data, or did you get prompted to create a new profile?

This article has suggestions on where to look, please let us know whether this helps: Recover lost or missing Bookmarks.


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