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How can I start fresh as a new Firefox user?

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My switch from the release version to ESR seemed to go well, but my history and many of my settings and data, including my pinned tabs and extensive notes used by add-ons, were gone. I managed to reconstruct most of them, but was distressed to find that when Fx updated my ESR version those settings were again gone.

I have again restored most of the lost settings (including the one not to automatically update!) but I know I can't defer Fx updates indefinitely, and I also expect I may want to return at some point to the release version--and I desperately don't want to have to reconstruct my settings any more (or at least more than one last time). I'm not concerned about the loss of my history

Since I'm prepared to note all my settings first, starting fresh seems like a viable solution. I just need to know how (unless you can suggest a better option). I'd be happy with either the release or ESR channel.

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I am going to close this thread as it appears to be a duplicate of: