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Firefox updates

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Firefox 89 has changed notification of FF updates so that it's no longer easily possible to find out what's changed in the update. Which means it's more difficult to find out what changes have been made and if it's worth the bother of updating. After an update is downloaded there's yet another popup re: restarting. How about going back to--notifying people of an update and no longer nagging at them until they do and then nagging people to restart their machines? Why become more & more like the corporate nannies, microsoft & google?

I also don't like that FF, which supposedly values user privacy, requires people to set up either a crowdcity account or use a pre-existing account (such as Facebook, twitter, et al) to provide feedback re: firefox. Since when does social media maintain privacy? And the more accounts you have to set up, the more likely that one of them will get hacked. I don't rarely use social media (may look at twitter accounts for traffic information, etc., but don't have a twitter account, etc) and don't have a FB account. I am tired of being required to set up yet another account--particularly since FF provides no information re: Crowdcity's privacy polices and if FF has actually verified any claims that Crowdcity makes regarding

Seems like FF doesn't want feedback from all users only some of them.

Is it possible to return to say FF version 80?

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more options

I can't answer all your comments. You can get (a little) information about versions here: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/releases/

I haven't looked but I understand older versions are available.


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