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How to stop firefox from running in the background -Windows 10

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I keep getting Microsoft Windows Message telling me Firefox is running unnecessarily in the background. this is causing the battery to drain faster than normal. I kill it in the task manager but, it restarts a few seconds later.

Windows shows Firefox starts running in the background when windows starts. its running 89% in the background, my use is only 10% there is another 1% of unknown use. This background use of Firefox is also using 58% of the CPU causing other apps and programs, games I'm running to lag hang or stop.

I have uninstalled Firefox and used a cleaner to remove all leftover files, folders and registry keys then, rebooted, ran the cleaner again then, rebooted again then, reinstalled Firefox using a fresh install file. It's still running in the background.

I need to know how to stop Firefox from starting up and running in the background.

I even tried disabling Firefox updater and Firefox maintenance in the boot menu, that didn't stop Firefox from running in the background; doing that did lower the CPU use by Firefox 10%

Thank You

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Sorry, I forgot to add this.

I did disable all Extensions that did not help.


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@FredMcD None of that relates to the issue I'm having.

My Firefox opens and closes, with no issues.

Something in Firefox stays running in the background and loads with windows. I kill it and, it restarts within a few seconds to a minute. This is causing all kinds of issues. I can't play any of my online games because Firefox is using too much resources. its even using my internet connection, sometimes as much as 500Mbps but usually between 50 and 100Mbps down and, between 10 to 20Mbps up. I really need to get this stopped if not then, I'll have to uninstall Firefox and try to find something else that is as good as, or better than Firefox. I do not think that is possible? It started this around 2-4 weeks ago, before that I had no issues with Firefox at all, its been great.


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