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4K Youtube videos won't play

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I've been trying to fix this for a week now, and nothing has worked. Everytime I try to play a 4K video on Youtube, the player stalls. Audio works, but the image just stays frozen and jumps from time to time.

I've tried every fix I could find in the Internet. But now I came here to ask for help because I tried the last thing I was avoiding (Refreshing Firefox) and after risking my custom settings, 4K videos still won't work.

Any ideas?

I'm on Mac, latest OS version, latest Firefox version. 4K videos work on other browsers

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I have a very similar problem. (Win 10 32bit, latest FF)

It used to be OK, but the last few months streaming video on most sites starts and 2 seconds later, the video freezes, but audio plays on. If I repeatedly click on the video, it will start up, freeze 2 seconds later start, freeze repeat. After a while it will start and play with hesitations, never really stream.

At first I thought the site, but that was not it. Then probably Windows, not that either after Win Support checked it out. Then ISP speed, was 150 gbs, fast enough, I thought and speedchecks showed 55-90 gbs. I upped speed to 300 and speedchecked to 128 gbs.

So I tried using MS EDGE (I hate that app!!!) BUT no stalling, no freezing, no hesitations. It therefore has to be FireFox.

Any ideas on how to fix this>>>



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