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How Does Google Know What I'm Typing

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I've been using a private Firefox window, but I notice Google keeps sending me YouTube videos and Pinterest suggestions based on obscure things I've only mentioned in a chat forum, while using this browser. And having to do with things mentioned in a text someone sent me. Neither I nor the texter have a Google phone. I don't have Chrome installed, so it's not like I had their browser open. Don't know how they're doing it. It's creeping me out. It cannot be coincidence.

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Windows 10 is actually a HUGE spyware. While it is no secret, people dont recall what Microsoft told us many years ago when Win10 was being designed.

Subsequently, Win10 aggregates a lot of information from us. And while we are annomynous, specific information is pushed to us annomynous folks based on what we type and visit.

This is one of the reasons why FireFox has become a highly aggressive browser that is blocking Tracking Cookies and other things as well. Apple is also taking action to help/protect its customers too.

In the meantime, there are some things you can do to tweek FF.

Go to options via the the triple patty hamburger button then look for the sections on searching. Disable everything you dont need, such as Amazon Search. Also there is aplace where FF can provide suggestions based on your bookmarks, history, etc... You can disable this as well.



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