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Interface deadlocking upon deletion of large number of history entires

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    1. Steps to reproduce

1. Open the history sidebar (on Win/Linux: Ctrl+H). 2. Enter a search string that returns many results (e.g. facebook.com). 3. Select all results (Ctrl + A), and delete them all (Delete) 4. Notice that the main thread hangs until the deletion is complete (in my case, > 30 seconds)

    1. Expected behaviorOS:

The deletion should be not cause the rest of the application to deadlock.

    1. Other info

OS: Manjaro i3, but IIRC it was also present on Ubuntu. Firefox version: 88.0 (64-bit), but has been present for as long as I can remember (at least a year).

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The best way to remove many entries in history is to select a group, not too large, and delete them. Repeat as needed.

Removing too many entries at once causes the browser CPU issues.


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Thank you for your reply Fred! Maybe this is the wrong forum, but my hope was to flag this to the FF-developers, as it would be a good idea for Firefox to e.g. batch-process such deletions, so that they don't cause the entire browser to freeze. I'm sure the smart people at Mozilla would be able to solve this in a very neat and user-friendly way :)

With that being said, I realize that this issue is maybe not the highest prio. for the FF team.


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I cannot replicate the issue on openSUSE in 88.0, but it did crash in Nightly a few days ago. It no longer happens at this time.

bp-b1b6527d-d062-4252-a141-f2d3b0210429 4/29/21, 06:01 bp-ab9ca0ae-2f41-4591-8893-ad40e0210429 4/28/21, 22:10

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