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Why is "View Image" gone?

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What idiot thought it would be a great idea to replace "View Image" with "Open Image In New Tab"? Seriously? What the fracking hell. I used View Image all the time with a combination of Ctrl W to close tabs after saving images in bulk. Now you've deleted View Image to replace it with something dumber. Perhaps instead of replacing it, you should have altered its functionality to open a new tab if someone's holding Shift when they click it. Did you ever think of that? No, you were probably thinking about how to make Firefox worse. Ugh, why is firefox getting worse and worse with time? You guys keep taking away features and deliberately ruining the firefox experience, pretty soon its just gonna be another dumbed down clone of Chrome, the browser for the lower intellect. "Oh shame, too many buttons? Let us dumb it down for you. Configurations too complex? Here, we'll stupify it for you~ Its ok to be an ape level intelligence~"

You should be teaching people to be smarter, not bowing to their lower intellectual capabilities.

Now I've had to get a plugin to bring back the view image feature and this plugin actually does it better than you ever could have. Maybe its Mozilla thats getting dumber and not the rest of the world. Maybe their developers are losing intellect so they have to dumb down their own program so they can manage it. Who knows. I'm starting to suspect this.

Yea, I'm angry. You keep ruining Firefox.

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