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Page Display Issues

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I've recently started seeing Firefox not displaying correctly. This includes the page itself as well as the tabs. Letters will be missing, colors incorrect, as well as just being illegible as in the images provided. Image 1 - tab names missing and the green color is not the correct one for that part of the page. Image 2 - Get Help menu options unreadable along with tab names missing.

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Hello Fnr,

The site shows up ok on my end. See attached pic.

I think the green box in your pic is where a java script image slider would go.

Have you tried disabling FF add-ins? Maybe they need to be updated?

You may also try a FireFox Refresh to reset the default settings, in case they were altered


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Appreciate the ideas. I tried disabling add-ins first along with restarting and still experienced this. Uninstalled FF, restarted, installed FF, did a refresh to reset default settings and I am still seeing this occur. In the image, tab names are missing letters. I tried loading pages on chrome and did not see the same behavior so it appears limited to FireFox.


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Thanks for the additional info.

I'm an leaning towards the issue you have as being related to java script. But this is only a thought.

What is clear is that i have 100% no issue with seeing that page and images. But i am operating a 100% clean windows 10 o.s. and 3 little add-on in FireFox.

But you can check to see if the java script option is enabled in FF.

Enter and go to the url: About:Config

Then enter into the search field: Java script or JavaScript

You will get a bunch of line items that contain the above. Look at them and see if anything is disable instead of enabled. If so, double click to toggle the setting.

However, if all is enabled, then we will need to look at this issue from a different angle. But honestly speaking, my angle always begin with a clean windows and FF modes to ensure there are no other apps involved while diagnosing the issue.


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