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Accessibility Request Regarding Display Options

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more options

Hello! Since I do not see any options for submitting an enhancement request, I thought I'd do it in this forum. Maybe there is an answer already out there that could get answered here? I am a software business analyst, who specializes in usability and process management. Being one of the older users of Firefox (as are many of us 'old folks') ;), I would like to ask if there is any possibility/functionality of being able to change the tab appearance once you've installed a theme extension? Depending upon the theme installed, the tabs are translucent. This is understandable based on being able to see more of the theme, BUT... For those of us who are older, sight impaired, etc., Often it is difficult to see the words on the tab and which one is highlighted. I for one, usually have multiple tabs open relative to my work. It would be so helpful to be able to choose an option to change the tabs to:

  1. 1 Using opaque scale/slider bar (to increase or decrease), or just an option to make the tabs opaque.
  2. 2 Change the font to bold if desired.
  3. 3 Change the color of the text to white or black.
  4. 4 Make the current tab a little more pronounced (i.e., highlighted)

Thank you for your consideration of these development enhancements which would help many users. Should there be an answer out there already of how to accomplish at least one of these requests, (of which I will apologize for I cannot find any info or extension yet), I would be most grateful for your assistance with these options. Cheers!

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more options

Have tried out the FF browser themes ?

copy, paste and go to url below, then go to theme section:


also right click on toolbar and select customize. see attached pic


more options

You can possibly use CSS code in userChrome.css to override theme setting or possibly create your own theme.


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