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Firefox won't open links in duckduckgo

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Hello everyone,

I'm an avid user of Firefox latest on Manjaro, up to date.

Since yesterday, when I updated from Firefox 87.0-1 to 87.0-2, I have a strange bug using DuckduckGo.

What happens ?

  • When on DuckduckGo result page, clicking a link won't open when using the "Open in another tab" setting
  • I will open the link if that setting is not used
  • I can open it in a new tab with the right-click menu, or by ctrl-clicking it.
  • When hovering above a link, the bottom-left tooltip does show up and the cursor does become a hand, suggesting the link should work. Alas, it doesn't.

What did I try ?

  • I did restart in "safe mode", with all addons disabled.
  • I did reset the cache.
  • I tried testing the same behavior on Google, and it did work as expected.
  • I tried DDG in another browser (Gnome Web/Epiphany), and it worked as expected.

I have yet to notice the same issue with any other website. Any Idea where I should report this minor, but annoying but ?

Thanks & Cheers, -- JAB

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https://support.mozilla.org/bm/questions/1012011 You can try going back to the previous version of Firefox

Credit: https://support.mozilla.org/bm/questions/1101341


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Yeah, of course. But I'm posting this more to report the bug so it gets a fix than to fix it for myself. Ir's not a big problem, as ctrl-click still works fine.

For other Manjaro users, you can use the downgrader command, from the repos, to reinstall a previous version.


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If it was a Firefox bug, this is not the place to report it. Go to https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ I doubt that it is a Firefox bug; I have no such problem using DuckDuckGo. It must be your distro's version.


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Try the Firefox version from the official Mozilla server if you currently use a version from the repositories of your Linux distribution.


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