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Voice Input Not Supported

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Hi, I've been using the Mozilla Firefox browser for a while now and I have noticed that i can not use my microphone to speak anywhere. For example, I can't speak what I want to say on Google Translate, & I can't talk in voice chats on Discord (random examples). It always says that voice input is not supported. May I know why your browser doesn't support voice input?

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Did you enable your microphone before speaking? See How to manage your camera and microphone permissions with Firefox.

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I'm responding to the answer to "Voice Input Not Supported" from Cookie, which explains how to allow voice input for sites that request it.

This does not help me at all, as no SITE has requested it. I need the microphone for ME. As a user with a disability, my microphone is a primary input device. Firefox works fine on my iOS devices. But on my mac, I cannot use it because I cannot talk to it.

I'm concerned about privacy, so Firefox would be my clear choice. Is there a way to allow (or rather, not block) this standard macos functionality?