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Access to the file was denied

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Hello, i have at this moment TWO versions off ff in use. my standard install wont open any file on the LOCAL drive AND severall BUTTONS are not working so now i use the 'standalone' version that just opdated to 87, nice but the OLD version 78ers is now broken or hacked

i tried to look up profile.js etc but perhaps on debian those migth have a different name ? i noticed that with other progs and configs aswell. is it the permisions.ini file ?

the general.config.obscure_value is NOW 0, but WAS 13

i hope there is a simple solution. if i continue with 87 and delete 78 , what will happen? after RE-install off 87esr al still is blocked. C

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hello chrborn,

i am confident that using 2 different versions of the same program will always cause conflicts.

my suggestion is to restore your computer with a windows restore point. and get it to a functional state that it was before you had installed the current version of FireFox.


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As for the first screenshot, I've noticed this issue as well a few times and a reload (F5) fixes it for me (this is a server issue and not a Firefox issue).

As for the third screenshot, this could be a sandbox issue.


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@dbben hello, thanks for your remark. i noticed my story was not compleet. i am on debian 10, that has no 'rollback' installed. the other thing is that i installed ff version 87 AFTER the denial of acces. sorry.

the were a few things happening at the same time some atari users having a demoparty are calling for a "boycot" against me becouse i have troubels with "twich.tv" in 2020 i payed 'outlinedemo' 11 euro for a so called "votekey" but i never got one and the organisers tolled me in SEVERALL messages that "the next operator will send it". i never got were i payed for and now the BLAME ME for being angry about this theft.

then there was a bitcoin-scam page that just turned up by it self on nosnieuws.nl a national news site. then i noticed the denial of acces and the blocking of SOME buttons like 'rolbars' so i decided to install the 'standalone' version which inseed does install itself, but in a different directory.

i found severall isuues like mine on internet AND many reports of the scampage aswell. after that i came here on the forum, then i did a refresh on 78.8 and lost all my bookmarks i found them "back" were ff dropped them, but ff refuses to SEE them, at least in debian Not. so i saved it as HTML and put them all in 1 html, so i have my bookmarks back. last night the situation was all the same. today the access denial was gone BUT i could NOT click on the buttons on thsi page, and finaly !!!! things keep crossing over, today there was an update from esr78.8 to 78.9

now i CAN press the button to send !!! i write this in 78.9 ! jippy! but i am not sure what the real solutions was.


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@cor-el , thanks for explaning and for the hint to F5. its good to know that is is/was a known issue. I hope thats valid for debian aswell. at this moment i have no-more problems. there was a esr update and for some reason the acces is normal again. Yet i will have a good look on your link. i know a little bit off 'c' since i finaly got 'through' or some. personaly i have z88dk installed for retro computers using C.

at this moment i have not a real clue how it was resolved. apperently the combination of the refresh+restart and the update but i am not sure.


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hello chr,

Thanks for the additional information about the issue at hand. It seems that the issue is multi-faceted and also occurring on your o.s. debian.

I have no experience in the other o.s.'s - at least not anymore. i lost interest with linux and the others a long time ago. But what i might be able to offer is to further test the issue(s) with other browsers.

If by chance another browser works well for you, then i would say "stick with it" and "keep life simple". Also, while there are a number of operating systems now available, you should try to stick with the standard o.s.'s, like windows. Malware makers are capitalizing on the none main stream o.s.'s because they are open opportunities. So if you are being boycotted by others, then it is likely due that they are seeing activities from your computer on their end. And these activities are working behind the scenes on your end.

But perhaps, windows is not available to you.

There is the ultimate fix, which is to do a reformat and reinstall your o.s. Afterwards, be very cautious of what you install afterwards to ensure compatibility and functionality of your system(s)

Sometimes, you simply have to burn the house down in order to rebuild the right way.


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