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Screenreader Bug with Netflix alerts Since 86.0.1 update

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Hello, I am a screenreader user and since updating to Firefox 86.0.1 (64-bit) I have encountered a serious bug on Netflix that is very easy to reproduce, even for those who don't normally use screenreaders. Serious in the sense of making the site unusable once it hits. It happens with both the screenreaders I use, Windows Narrator and Non-Visual Desktop Access (NVDA).

Basically on Netflix if you do something to cause an informational alert (such as adding a film to your list), then this alert is read out over and over, indefinitely. You then can't hear anything else such as a plot synopsis, or if you move to a different button, you won't hear information about what button it is, as the screenreader just keeps re-stating the same alert. The looped alert keeps playing even after you start watching a film or show. As I say, the site becomes unusable. Whereas in older versions of FF such alerts would be read just once and that was it.

To reproduce: Start a screenreader (the built-in Windows Narrator can be toggled on and off with ctrl+win+enter). Go to the Netflix website (you may need an account and to be logged in). Pick any film or series tile, and do something like press the 'add or remove the item from your list' button. Or press it's 'rate thumbs up / down' button.

You will now hear something along the lines of 'alert: item was added to your list' repeated over and over.

Another example is to start watching a show with a skippable intro (such as Homeland for example). You will hear 'alert: press the S key to skip the intro' repeatedly.

As I say above, in older FF such alerts were read out just once.

So, is this a known issue? Thanks for reading.

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As a test, when this happens again, try reloading the page. Does that help?

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@FredMcD thanks for the suggestion. In some circumstances refreshing helps, but not in others, unfortunately.

It doesn't help with announcements that occur during video playback. Refreshing just sees the looped announcement resume.

It does help on the tiles pages, in so far as refreshing clears the repeated 'alert item has been added to your list' (for example) announcement.

But reloading is problematic for other reasons, as for one thing you lose your place. If you are looking through the Trending Now strip and are currently on the fourth lot of tiles accessed by pressing the 'See More' arrow on the right, refreshing resets everythin so yu'll have to go back to Trending Now then click the 'See More' arrow how ever many times to get back to where you were. Then repeat the process again if you do anything else while there to trigger a new announcement.

As I say, in older FF such announcements were read only once and that was it. Exactly the way you'd want things to work! The endless repetition of the same announcement is a serious problem sadly.

At this stage I am wondering whether this is already known to Mozilla? As if not I will have to register an account at Bugzilla to report this issue. Thanks for response.

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I called for more help.

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@FredMcD thanks, appreciated.

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Still happens in FF87. I am not sure if Mozilla knows about this already. If they do please could someone inform me here, otherwise I'll file a report at Bugzilla next week. I just wanted to make a last check before doing so. Thanks.

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