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Digital certificate - ask you every time

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"When a server requests your personal certificate" my preference is set to "Ask you every time" but Firefox is remembering the certificate I used last time for a site and does not allow me to select a different certificate. How can I change this please? My Firefox browser version is 84.0.2 (64 bit). Thanks

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I think a significant change had been made in the last version of Firefox. Having same problem here.

I solved it in settings/privacy and security/certificates/see certificates. There is a new label, see image, where is registered a pair of site and certificate chosen last time for that site if you marked "remember my decission" box in that moment. In this case, Firefox doesn't ask you for choosing a certificate when you access this site again. So, remove the site and next time you enter this site Firefox will ask you for choose desired certificate.

NOTE: the image is from spanish version of Firefox, in english version label could be named "Autentication Decissions" or "Signing decission" or something like that.

Hope this helps you.


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