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Does using Firefox make cookie opt in on sites ineffective ?

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I am confused about the two ways we control cookies. Firefox says its blocks trackers ( ie cookies), esp third party ones, which are the problematic ones. 

But when we surf, we see options to accept third party cookies. So far I always go ahead and select No. But could I be saving time by clicking yes; knowing Firefox blocks them anyway ? Shouldn't there be a way that Firefo sends information to the site I'm visiting automatically about my wish not to have third party trackers?

Thanks, Caroline

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Hi Caroline, website operators may be legally required to provide a notification about or request consent for cookies. Since they have no choice about that, they probably would not care if your browser signaled them one way or another. You'd have to deal with those notices anyway.

Firefox does have the option to send the DNT (Do Not Track) signal, but because honoring it is voluntary, most websites do not pay attention to it. There is work underway on a new signal (I forgot what it's called). I think Mozilla was waiting to see whether it gains traction with sites or becomes legally required before implementing it.

Whether you should click Yes now instead of No, I couldn't tell you. There's an add-on to answer them for you if it all feels too pointless: https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/i-dont-care-about-cookies/


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Thanks ! I also got this response from a Privacy group I'm a part of: " The law does not respect browser based “Do not track” signals due to AdTech lobbying. So even though they are in browsers, they are have no legal weight, so opt ins are site by site. However a new initiative https://globalprivacycontrol.org/ looks to be the first to be legally supported by the California AG to force sites to respect browser based settings"


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