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Change default language for specific websites in Firefox

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Sorry if there is already a solution to my problem but I've searched for hours without success.

I live in France and I purposely set my system language to English to have everything in English but for some specifics french websites I want them to be displayed in french by default. (not all of thoses websites offers to remember the default language nor have a language switcher)

I tried all the extensions suggested on superuser.com but none of them work (anymore, I guess).

By memory I tried the following Mozilla Firefox extensions with no success :

   Language Switcher
   Language Switch
   Quick Accept-Language Switcher

Also, the point is to "remember" the websites and default language because currently I always have to edit the URL to replace "en" by "fr" and then reload the page.

   OS version : macOS Big Sur 11.2.1
   Firefox version : 86.0

The other workaround I have is to use another browser with the French language set as default but I'm really looking for a solution allowing me to use only one browser for personal web browsing.

Thanks and have a nice day

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I'm not sure where you have set the languages used for webpages.

Is that the second setting in Options/Preferences ?

  • Options/Preferences -> General -> Language and Appearance -> Choose your preferred language for displaying pages

Does that only contain 'en-US' as the preferred language assuming you use the en-US (or en-GB) Firefox version (you can't remove the default language)?

Note that some websites do a reverse DNS lookup and want to serve you pages in the local language. In such a case there is not not to do about this apart from editing the URL, if possible, or use a language selector. You can also consider to use a trusted VNP with an exit point that locates you in an English speaking country.


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Thanks for your answer.

I tried what you said and have set the french language as the second one in the list (en-us is the first) but it doesn't solve my problem.

I want to keep english as default language because this is my main need. I just want to set french as the default language for specific websites (french ones).

According to my research, it is possible to do so by editing the accept-language variable in the HTTP request (but I'm not sure if I understood correctly). Some Firefox extensions have this purpose but it seems that they are old and don't work anymore.

So I thought that maybe it is now obsolete because Firefox can do it natively or maybe there is another extension but I can't find the solution.

Thanks and have a nice day


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