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Cant send emails

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I monitor 4 work email accounts with Thunderbird. I have recently moved my email server to office365. I can receive and view all accounts on Thunderbird platform but I can only send from one, which is the first one I set up after the change of servers. My work emails "bounce" of my website domain name and I am assured that all dns settings are correct. All securtiy, server and encryption settings are identical in every account (apart from the "name"@...). I can send from all accounts within office 365. I have tried a friends hotmail account in thunderbird and it works. I downloaded a free trial of "Mailbird" and it worked for the 365 accounts but I had to give it permission to to get the information from outlook. Do I maybe have to do the same with Thunderbird and if so HOW? I am using windows10 Pro and Thunderbird 78.7.1 (32bit). Any help appreciated, even the so called experts haven't yet been able to work this one out and I reckon it's quite possibly just a silly little setting somewhere or maybe a permission not granted. Thanks!

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With Mailbird, was the request for permission to access the accounts presented in a browser window? If so, that would indicate the authentication on the account in TB, for incoming and outgoing, should be OAuth2 instead of 'normal password'. Also, do you have each account sending through separate smtp servers, with the same settings except different User Names, instead of a single, Default smtp?

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Hi, in case anyone else has this problem I now have the solution. Thanks to sfhowes for the suggestion but the password was not the problem. Apparently Microsoft have a new policy for "Office365" tennants which prevents emails being sent outbound over SMTP. I only had one email working because that policy had mistakenly NOT been applied to that account. The policy has to be changed to enable smtp in the microsoft account. I can now send from all. Happy days!