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No left margin, part of left text missing when printing PDF file from WEB

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When printing PDF document from web site using Firefox part of the left text is cut off. I have tried "Fit to Page" and shrink to 90% and still have issue. I can print this web document with Edge with no problem. This problem just started in the last several days. I am using Win 10 professional on a Del Opti-Plex 5080.

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I assume you are using the new print experience, which shows the preview as an overlay in the tab instead of a separate view. Does the problem appear in the preview, or only after you print?

Is the PDF an unusual size? In the viewer, at the right end of its custom toolbar, you can click the >> button to access more menu items. The Document Properties item will show the paper size. If it doesn't match your printer paper size, that could cause problems, although shrink to fit should still work... hmm...

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The problem does not appear on the preview image. I have the correct paper size selected. As I stated earlier, I loaded the same web PDF document using the Edge browser and it printed fine.

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Is it a public non-confidential PDF that you could provide a link to? Please note that this forum has a moderation filter on URLs, so you need to break the link so it's not clickable -- use the preview button to check -- or your post will be delayed in appearing.

One other thing you might try is to roll back from the new print experience to the classic one to see whether that makes any difference. I doubt it will, but if you want to try it:

(1) In a new tab, type or paste about:config in the address bar and press Enter/Return. Click the button accepting the risk.

(2) In the search box in the page, type or paste tab_mo and pause while the list is filtered

(3) Double-click the print.tab_modal.enabled preference to switch between old (false) and new (true)

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This problem is with printing statements with US Bank. Firefox cuts off left margin and Edge does not. I just tried it again with same results. However I deal with other banks, Citibank & Fifth Third, and I don't have a problem using Firefox with them on their PDF docs. In fact in the last week when using Edge to print a PDF document it would not even recognize the document I wanted to print but I was able to print with Firefox. I am rather confused. I would like to think that US Bank may have a problem but I did not ever have a problem with them when I was running Win 7 and am now running Win 10 since middle of Jan. If the problem persist with US Bank I will try your last suggestion.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.

John Thoren

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when printing, did you try using the paper format "Letter", since the US uses different paper size than e.g. Germany's "DIN A4" ? cheers, jürgen

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Would you be able to report this issue over at https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ for the developers to investigate? This seems to clearly be a bug.

If it's too onerous to report this over at bugzilla.mozilla.org, could you open the page `about:support`, scroll down to the section 'Modified print settings', and copy and paste the table under that?

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I am also having the same exact issue. Hoping the OP finds a solution and we can both benefit.

Also a web PDF and the sides get cut off. I have tried about:config and the same things the OP has to no avail.