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sync tabs from one computer to another

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I've been at this for 45 minutes. Once and for all, as they say, I would like to get this actually accomplished. <sigh> I would like to synchronize all tabs from Firefox on one computer so that they will all automatically open on Firefox on another computer. What I see on the web is help with Sync: 1. sign in 2. click 'hamburger', my ID, & Sync Now 3 open Firefox on another computer ... and here's where the help diverts from what I would like to do. I do not want, every single time, to manually click 'hamburger', ID, Synced Tabs, etc. I would like Firefox to automatically open all the tabs that were open on the previous computer. I close Firefox on one with, say, 7 tabs open. I open Firefox on another and have ALL tabs propagate. Does anyone out there know of an add-on or some other setting to set? Any help in this would be great.

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There is no syncing of tabs option between devices, sync allows you to see the tabs of other devices. see screenshot You can right click on a tab, then select all tabs, and then send them to the other device. see screenshot

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Here is what I was told about sync.

This behavior is deliberate - the "synced tabs" feature is for showing tabs that you currently have open on other devices, and is not designed for viewing historical tabs from the current device. If we showed the current device in that list, it would only display the tabs that you currently have open, which doesn't seem useful.