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Send Tab to Device from Desktop (v85.0) to Firefox for Android (v84.1.4) tab notification does not appear on mobile

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Sending tabs from Firefox desktop (version 85.0, Windows 10) do not arrive to Firefox for Android (version 84.1.4) - phone does not show notification about new tab.

What I do On desktop: Right click on tab > Send Tab to Device > Firefox on <device>. Next I see blue notification on desktop saying "Sent!"

Problem After I send from desktop I do not see notification on mobile device with new tab arriving. Notification simply never arrives.

Workaround On mobile device: (three dots menu) > Settings > Accounts (My Account) > Sync now. All the tabs that I sent previously will arrive now. I have to do this every time I send tabs from desktop.

What I have tried

  • Restart Firefox for Android
  • Disconnect and connect mobile device to account.
  • Check for updates

Are there some additional troubleshooting steps that I can do, e.g. collect logs?

Other notes

  • This has been happening for a while now, at least couple of months and I am unable to pinpoint when it started.
  • Sending tab from Firefox for Android to Desktop works instantly.
  • Bookmarks, Synced tabs and History always sync as expected.
  • When I am doing the workaround, in Account settings, below "Sync now" text it always says: "Last synced: 0 minutes ago".

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