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Hyperlinks in some, but not all, email messages will not open.

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FYI, running Windows 7 and Microsoft Office (including Outlook) 2007. (Yes, I know I should upgrade, but some of the other programs I use will not work on Windows 8 or 10, and I don't want to spend a couple thousand dollars to get newer versions.) With that in mind, every now and then I get an email message in Outlook with a hyperlink that I cannot open. This does not happen on all messages, just some of them. I can put the cursor over the item, and the hyperlink address shows up, but I cannot open it, select it, copy it, or anything else. Sometimes I can tell the message to "open in browser" (which unfortunately opens it in IE), but then I can click on the item, and either (1) tell it to open in a new tab in IE, or (2) select "Properties", copy the address in the Properties window, and then paste the address into Firefox. (A lot of effort just to open a hyperlink, yes?) Any suggestions? Thanks.

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hello chuck,

follow the step

When you try the link, what happens? What are you using to open the mail? Microsoft Live Mail, Win IE, Firefox?

What is your current default web browser? Type about:preferences#general<enter> in the address bar. Turn on Always Check Firefox Default Browser.


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Hi Arman, I use Outlook 2007 to open my email, Firefox (latest version) is my default web browser. Normally, when I get a message that has a hyperlink, I can click on the picture or hyperlink and it will open up in Firefox. On some messages though, that doesn't work, if I hold the cursor over the picture I can see the hyperlink address in a small window (not sure what that window is called), but when I try to click on it, open it, copy it, etc., the small window closes, but nothing else happens, and I have to go through the process mentioned above. I am not sure why the hyperlink easily opens on some email messages, but won't open on other email messages.


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