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Firefox will not load Zynga.com Farmville 2 on W10

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I have two laptops..both W10 64 bit both Firefox version 84.0.2. On works fine the other just will not complete the loading of Farmville-Two on Zynga . I have tried to go page by page and make sure the two laptops have identical settings and they do as best as I can find. By any chance does anyone have any suggestions I can try. I have done all the suggestions From Zynga..cleared cache, deleted web content, rebooted, reinstsalled their Launcher+ program so you dont need Flash and flash is disabled, I did virus and Malwarebytes scans, even did a sfc/ scannnow, I changed the Firefox settings to allow pop ups and set to privacy to standard. It starts to load but the page stops and locks up and I am left with a white window on the left where the farm should load ...the laptop to a point sometimes I have to reboot to close the window. It used to work just fine. I know my way around a bit but not an expert..just cant play on one of the laptops..frustrating. It started about a week ago. All other programs seem to work ok. Appreciate any help..Thank you.

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I have taken all permissions off and still loads to a point and freezes. I just read that FV2 with this launcher takes 8GB of RAM to run this game. My laptop about says it has 4096 MB DDR2 SD Ram. If 1000MB is about 1GB- I have 4GB? Excuse my ignorance but does that mean I don't have near enough RAM to load the game and that is why I am getting a white screen and it is locking up everything?

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