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Limiting spellchecker choices

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I am using the built-in spell-checker. When I right-click on an input field, there is a "Check Spelling" checkbox in the popup menu to enable the spell-checker. Once enabled, another "Languages" item will show up in the popup menu, allowing me to choose from the built-in dictionaries.

This list in huge. Ideally I would prefer if I there was a most recently used list, or I would be able to configure which choices to offer by default, and maybe have an additional menu item to show the rest/all.

Is there any way to handle such use-case? Alternatively, what is the process to raise this as feature request? Would this be a feature worthwhile to do so?

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more options

Wow, that's crazy. I think the menu should only show languages for which you have a dictionary installed (and the Add Dictionaries item at the bottom). What could be happening here??


more options

I am running on Debian 10 (Buster), using the firefox-esr/stable package, and it seems it comes with all the firefox-esr-l10n-* packages installed automatically (there are 96 "-l10n-*" packages), which is possibly the reason why I have all those languages showing up.

Also, on the about:config page the Languages sections shows a lot of Language Packs, which I have not installed manually for sure. (I haven't counted exactly, but it is around 70-80 packs, but less than 96)

Do I have to manually uninstall all these "-l10n-" packages, and install only the ones I need manually? That would be a PITA! :(

I am not sure if it is possible to change the APT package dependencies so that by default it only installs the system language (i.e. $LANG)

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