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web page language change

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Why would a sites display language change like the link below? It is HP's website so I'd assume it is reputable. https://parts.hp.com/hpparts/Default.aspx?mscssid=&cc=CZ&lang=CS&.... (image below too) I was browsing in English, it changed czech on that page, and then back to English on the following page. Should I be concerned?

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do you vpn?

are you in a non english speaking country?

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If you use a link that includes GET data with lang=CS then you can expect to get a page in that language.

  • https://parts.hp.com/hpparts/Default.aspx?mscssid=&cc=CZ&lang=CS&jumpid=

From what page did you get this link ?

If this is from a (Google) search then it is quite normal that you can get pages in another language.

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I don't use Google. This link however came by clicking a link within HP's support site. That's what I took as odd. As far as the lang=CS I had no idea what that meant.

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Also, I'm in an English Speaking country and I was not using a VPN.

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Firefox is automatically defaulting to India and while I can each time I open Firefox change the language via the very small drop down icon at the top left of the page I am unable to find a route to permanently change it back to English English!.

What the hell is going on??

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BTW this is also mirrored in the MSN web search page!