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Google street view not working properly

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I've noticed for about 2 weeks now, my google street view is not working like it used to. It some times will not respond and when it does respond it is very slow. I didn't used to have this problem, so maybe a new Firefox update or some other issue is causing then problem? How can I view my browser settings to see if some thing there is causing the problem? Hopefully, someone can help and cure the problem. Thanks,

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FredMcD: For what it is worth, I did try Google maps Street view in Windows safe mode again for a longer time and after about 10 images, the screen froze up so safe mode did not solve the problem for me either as it did not for "sciencemagic".

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jdmozilla, have you heard anything more about the Google street view issue? I'm still having the problem. Are you still having the same issue? Have you gotten any more help or suggestions from Firefox? Thanks.

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