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Impossible to edit comments on Facebook

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Here is my issue : Impossible to paste a text in an edited comment on Facebook.

How it happens : 1) I copy a text on a website, notepad, ... 2) I click on the edit button on Facebook to edit my comment 3) I paste the text in the box 4) The text is pasted but i can't edit it, the comment is "freeze" and if i click on the submit arrow, the entire post disappears. 5) I reload the page, my old comment is still there

I've launched Firefox in safe mode with all modules disabled but the problem is still there.

Info : OS : Win10 Home (version : 20H2) Firefox : 84.0 (64 bits)

Can you help me ?

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That sounds familiar... do you have the same issue on YouTube?

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Is this with a plain text editor like used on this forum or is this about a rich text editor that also accepts HTML code ?

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I try on Youtube and this issue doesn't happened.

This is the editor on the Facebook website. You can't enter html code, only text.

I have added some printscreens to explain the issue (I speak French so the printscreen will be in French ;) ) :

1) I can add a text and publish it on Facebook without problem (printscreen1) 2) I click on the 3 dots (next to my comment) to have the dropdown list with the edit menu, i choose "edit"("Modifier" in French) (printscreen2) 3) The text is editable, i can add text if i use the keyboard. (printscreen3) 4) But if i copy a text (for ex. from a website) and i want to paste it, my comment disappear (same issue with CTRL+V or right clic + paste) (printscreen4) --> to see my comment again, i need to reload the page. or sometimes after the text is paste, i can't do nothing anymore (delete it, remove one part,...) except add text manually. (printscreen5) --> In this example i wanted to add a space between "n" and "?" --> impossible

Thanks for your help :)