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MacOS Big Sur crashes when I try to launch Firefox

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I have had occasional panics and restarts since I updated to Big Sur. I have logged a bugwith Apple on this issue, and others are reporting the same issue. However, my last three are all associated with Firefox. Last night, Big Sur crashed when I quit Firefox. I restarted MacOS and put it to sleep. This morning, it crashed twice in a row when I tried to launch Firefox. Since this could be caused by Firefox, I'd like to see a bug logged with Mozilla. I would also like to see Apple and Mozilla to work together to resolve this issue. Since most of my panics and restarts involve either Firefox, Sleep, or both, I think that is the area to focus on. I did have at least one panic/restart while the MacBook Pro was sleeping and Firefox was not running. I'm running the latest version of Firefox for Mac and the only version of Big Sur currently released. If I am able to launch Firefox without a system panic, I'll add the version I am currently running.

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OK. I got it to launch. Firefox is 83.0 (64-bit). I suspect that this problem is more likely right after MacOS wakes from sleep. Firefox is generally the first app I open after System Preferences. I also run Chrome and occasionally Safari, but I have not seen any system crashes associated with those apps. MacOS is 11.01.