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HIgh memory usage seems to continually increase!

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I realise that Firefox uses up a lot of Memory (particularly as it tries to run each Tab separately). However, my Firefox seems to keep increasing its usage!

I can start with a number of Tabs open & (after refreshing each Tab - to ensure it is "lice" & "active") I will get (according to Windows Task Manager) about 1,300MB in use.

Without opening up any more Tabs & without trying to run any Web-Based Videos, over a period of a few hours it will increase & increase & increase - perhaps getting up to 4,000MB!

I've cross checked with "about:performance" (to open FF's own Task Manager), to show the individual Tab usage, & that NEVER totals up to anywhere near the figures shown by the Windows Task Manager!!

Obviously, my FF is fully up to date!

Any comments!

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Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link}

A small dialog should appear. Click Start In Safe Mode (not Refresh). Is the problem still there?







MemTest LAST UPDATED : 12/04/2020 Could you please run a tool from http://memtest.org/ in order to check the integrity of your RAM?

You will need a thumb or disk drive to install it on.

Do you let Windows handle the page file or did you set a fixed size ? If you use a fixed size for the page file then try the former and let Windows handle the page file.


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Hi, @FredMcD,

Thanks for your response!

Have just re-started in Safe-Mode & the total memory used (as reported by Windows Task Manager) is still approx 1,300MB & the FireFox Task Manager (about:performance) is still showing considerably less (approx under 500MB).

However, my main problem is the fact that (over a number of hours) is seems to gradually use more & more memory!

Have previously read most of those Links & they also seems to be based on basic High-Memory usage (i.e. High ALL of the time), NONE of them mention anything about the gradual & increasing Memory Usage (in my case, increasing by a factor of 3!)!

Windows Page File is set to "Default" (which I assume is that Windows handles it) & never had cause to change it!

It is late evening in the UK, I'll leave it running overnight & see if there is any dramatic change!


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After running FireFox overnight (& carrying out a Refresh on all open Tabs) the Total Memory used by FireFox (according to Windows Task Manager) is now up to 1.600MB - a slight increase from just below 1,300MB - whilst FireFox's own Task Manager is still showing a total of less than 500MB!


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I called for more help.


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